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Give your IPTV business a strong competitive edge by becoming IPTV reseller with Smart IPTV subscription.

IPTV Reseller


Our pricing is very clear and simple so you can forecast your margin and revenue.

To Start your own business, You ONLY NEED to Purchase 10 credits there is no other charge after payment is made you get your OWN IPTV PANEL, where you can register and manage hundreds of users. You earn money from the sale of IPTV  each one of the users that subscribe to your PTV services.

Features Available for Resellers

  • Your very own reseller panel: Add/Edit/Delete MAC Addresses as you please
  • Crate new lines: Easily create new customers.
  • Extend lines with one click: You can renew your expired customers via panel.
  • 24/7 Support: We provide 24/7 online support for urgent cases outside regular business hours.
  • Stats: Monitor your clients and check their stats from your panel.
  • Management: Delete, ban and write notes for each client.
  • No time limits: The credits have no time limits to be consumed. From your panel you can create trial accounts (up to 25 daily), subscription lines, generate various formats for all platforms, as enigma2, kodi, PC, smart TV, etc.

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You can now create your own IPTV Company, you’ll get your own panel installed to manage unlimited customers. Start reselling our IPTV packages to your customers and start managing your own sales and members easily with a very simple user interface.